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The design of the resin (emulsion) and coating production equipment for the hubei polyurethane company


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The design of the resin (emulsion) and coating production equipment for the hubei polyurethane company

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Sower recentlly signed a contract with a large polyurethane company in Hubei Province on production devices of resin (emulsion) and paint successfully. The design project includes 30,000 tons of polyacrylic emulsions, annual output of 2,000 tons waterborne epoxy curing agents and 10,000 tons waterborne epoxy ester, an annual output of 2,000 tons PU and 5,000 tons PUA project and a design project of water-based latex paint workshop.

The company is a national high-tech enterprises and which is a collection of development, production, marketing and foreign trade of polymer chemical product. A number of independent intellectual property rights, 10 national invention patents. It has accumulated 18 years technical strength on production of paint.

Sower as a specialized engineering companies which was grown up by the device manufacturer. Compared with the general design units and equipment manufacturing units, Sower owns the advantages in terms of design engineering which other institute do not have, but also it has benefited from more than ten years’ experience on providing design, manufacture and complete equipment for paint industry and undertake turnkey project, which makes Sower has more experience and skill during the coating process and process equipment than general design units. Of course, this is the important reference standard why customers choose Sower. During this design, our designers conduct a efficient and rapid communication woth our owners in terms of process automation, electrical and equipment, etc. And we preliminary rationalize design ideas and optimize the process and equipment layout design process and avoid duplication of efforts. Its professional services and recommendations are approved by the owners.

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