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SOWER won the "2016 China paint equipment brand


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SOWER won the "2016 China paint equipment brand

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In October, directed by China paint brand selection committee, supported by China coating network, China paint information network, China coating expo network, China coating magazine, China coating newspaper electronic journal and China coating magazine electronic journal, etc., Co-hosted by the China coating magazine Co. Ltd. and Beijing Tobo International Exhibition Co. Ltd, “2016 China paint brand list" was announced, Sower group "SOWER" won the "2016 China coating equipment brand award” again.

China paint brand list was started in 2011, the selection committee always adhere to the principle of quality and credibility. The aim is promoting exchange and cooperation between national brands and foreign brands, communication and understanding among the paint industry in China. China paint brand selection committee will jointly co-sponsored Chinese paint industry mainstream media brand communication, promote cooperation and exchanges between the media and brand, to help enterprises to establish brand management system, so as to enhance the brand competitiveness of the market.

The awards ceremony was held on October 26th-27th 2016 in Shanghai, "brand shine, help the paint industry 2016" as the theme, 2016 Chinese waterborne industrial coatings technology development forum was held in the same time. Sower Group made a speech as " application and project case in EPC general contracting in paint factory construction".

In recent years, Sower group is committed to the construction of EPC plant in the paint industry, successfully undertook and completed a number of paint plant EPC projects.

With the fast development of coating industry, factory owners make vast investment and still keep expanding, and seek for optimized design and efficient operation. EPC general contracting mode is optimized design, reasonable procurement and efficient construction, which can effectively reduce the project cost, shorten the construction period. It is the inevitable trend of the market division, will greatly reduce the risk of owner, optimization design, shorten the construction period, reduce the cost, to achieve a win-win situation between owner and contractor.

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