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Shanghai Sower Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd.

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In April 2017, Shanghai Sower Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. was awarded as “Ten-year Network Operator” by Alibaba China. Thanks to Sower company for having been involved in foreign trade business for over 10 years.

After more than 10 years of hard work, SOWER and Alibaba grow together, creating a strong SOWER foreign trade team now. In the past ten years, our team has successfully provided clients from over 100 countries and regions with chemical single machine, complete sets of equipment and production lines as well as turkey services of the whole plants. The rich experience of our team plays an important role for our overseas project construction. Not only that, the experience also makes SOWER considerable to be engaged in the co-investment with overseas partners. In 2017, SOWER's international business grew steadily. Comparing with other peers as well as the current fierce competition in the market environment, our achievement is not easy in deed.

Network is a medium of information content. With the insistence of future consideration, with the persistence of cross-border electric business, Sower selected Alibaba as a partner ten years ago. Ten years ago, SOWER is just a small scale equipment manufacturer. Ten years later, SOWER owns two factories in Anhui and Shanghai, totally as 300,000 square meters factories, able to provide large-scale coating automatic production line, and whole plant EPC fine chemical plant solutions for customers. Ten years ago, Alibaba is just a little-known small network company. Ten years later, Alibaba has become the leader of China's Internet industry, which impacted tremendously the e-commerce development in China.

The network now is affecting the human society all the time; Transnational E-commerce also changes people's lives a lot. Looking back on the ten years road, we are experiencing this great era, feeling the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce.

SOWER respect the harmony and win-win concept, advocating innovation and pragmatic pursuit, praising going through together with like-minded people. Let us brace up, starting together to create a better future!

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