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Sower Chemical Design Institue


Room 2901,BM InterContinental Business Center, No. 500 HengfengRoad, Shanghai, China

 Phone:+86 021 63171155

Fax:+86 021 63178868

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Sower Chemical Design Institue



Why to choose Sower


- More focus on process and key equipment

- Fewer interfaces, more liability concentrating means less risk to the owner

- Real cost saving and time saving

- More benefits for owner’s plant operation and maintenance

- More safety , healthy and energy saving

why to choose Sower

- Self owned manufacture plant

- More than 10-years’ experience of manufacturing and supply for chemical machinery & equipment

- Have the long-term and stable cooperation with other key suppliers;

- Strong procurement team and experience for manufacture and project



Sower technical team consists of various technical personnel from various majors such as equipment, process, instrumentation, control, electrical,structure and others to provide a strong guarantee for all kinds of engineering services. Sower can also provide highly specialized technical services such as technology consulting, optimization and programs and fine chemical production equipment technology development and design as well as engineering design according to the requirements of customers.。


Equipment manufacturing and procurement

Sower owns chemical complete equipment manufacturing base, and it can produce all kinds of fine chemical equipment and pressure vessels by self; meanwhile, Sower has many years purchasing experience and various procurement channels in the domestic to provide high quality and low price purchasing services.



Sower has many years of practical experience and management experience in the aspects of chemical equipment and engineering installation and commission; and has its own chemical installation qualification and team. Sower has long-term stable cooperative relations with a number of chemical engineering installation units to provide professional, safe, fast and efficient chemical engineering construction and installation services for customers.


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