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Advantage on integrating project


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Sower has B Class engineering design certificate for chemical industry, and also design certificate of pressure vessel & pressure pipe. It can provide engineering design service to clients listed below from fine chemical industries:

-Selecting and optimizing of process package

-Optimization of lab, pilot test and production

-Site selection and sit plot planning

-Safety and environmental consultants

-Proposal of the project and Feasibility study report

-Optimization of process technology and design

-Design and optimization of complete production line

-Primary design of complete plant- Detailed design of complete plant


As a professional project company that growing up from a manufacturer of equipment, Sower has below advantages compared with normal design institute and manufacturer of equipment:With decade years of experience on design, manufacture and contract of various kinds of projects, Sower has more reliable ability on processing craft flow and design of equipment that realizes easy and efficient communication between end user and designer. This efficient communication makes design idea more clear, makes design more optimized and makes everything moves fastly.-Several years’ experience of contract and concept of client-first urge Sower considering more thoughtfully on design, operation and maintain.  - Several years’ experience of machine fabrication and machine supply makes Sower more professional on selecting safety, energy saving and environment friendly equipment that can helps client to find the most cost-efficient machines and materials, too.Plenty of experience on projects especially on EPC project is continuously improving Sower’s optimizing concept and ability on design based on client’s request. In this case, Sower can mostly save client’s cost not only on money but also on time.Designer and design management staffs from Sower have good engineering design background, and they have provided design and EPC service to many domestic clients in fine chemical industry. These projects all gain good feedback from our clients.

Compared with normal manufacturer of equipment, Sower can provide integrate design, public utilities design and civil design that can save client’s work on design management. A whole design from Sower saves client’s money and time.


Sower can make 2D and 3D designs according to Client’s request

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