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Printing and dyeing


Printing and dyeing
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Printing and dyeing additives divide into printing additives and dyeing additives. Printing additives include bonder, cross linking agent, emulsifying agent, soften agent, dispersing agent and defoaming agent. Dyeing additives includes leveling agent, dye-fixing agent, dispersing agent, fluorescent brightener and softener etc.


At present domestic factories for processing textile printing dyeing additives is too many, and locations too scattered, big enterprises not more than 3. Too many small scale enterprises will inevitably cause whole level low, not strong market competitiveness and little international market share.


Recent years, the export of our country’s textile printing dyeing additives is downward while import increase. In near future our country’s export volume and value of textile printing dyeing additives will increase; production technology level and quality of additives obviously improved, high grade textile printing dyeing additives accounting percentage is gradually increasing and will keep this rise trend.


The trend of textile dyeing additives has four aspects: 1. according to new fiber development, develop matching additives; 2. adopt compound technology to increase additives high and multiple functions; 3.use advanced new technology to supplement and improve traditional textile dyeing additives; 4.develop environment friendly additives.


Sower concentrates on complete plant output, design, general contract and sub contract for production line, parts and equipment outsourcing service, construction, project consultant service for various kinds of dyeing additives.

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