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Biology chemical production


Biology chemical production
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Biology chemical is a cross discipline for biology, chemicals and engineering. It is based on experiment research, by means of theory and engineering application, synthesizing genetic engineering, cells engineering, enzyme engineering and engineering technology theory, through engineering research, course design, operation optimization and control, to achieve target product. It will solve significant problems of resource, energy, food, health and environment.


Sower already provided chemical pharmaceutical equipment, by cooperation with technology provider complete a biology technical product separating, extracting and refining.


Since biology chemical range is big, industry concerned also more, enterprise engaging in biology chemical relatively more. Though fierce competition, biology chemical enterprises are reduced a lot, comparing to situation of “feudal separatism” of life science (mainly refer to medicine and agriculture biology chemical technology), biology chemical industry is still like all flowers blossoming together, and every participant is contended for attention. There are world big company, like Novartis, Zeneca which engage in life science, as well as big scale refine chemical company, like DSM, Novo Nordisk, of course there are small company specialized at one aspect, like Altus. What is more, because world big company is now giving attention to life science, the situation of flowers blossoming together for biology chemical industry will not change a lot in a very long period.


Many biology chemical companies have their own specialty, and they cooperate actively for business interest. Additionally, as enterprises of traditional industry, due to technology and production issue, these enterprises also cooperate more frequently with the ones who are engaging in development and production of biology chemicals.


Sower concentrates on complete plant output, design, general contract and sub contract for production line, parts and equipment outsourcing service, construction, project consultant service for various kinds of biology chemical products.

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